"Ama is an application created in Turkish and released in the Turkish market."

”You'll love this application, but your phone's battery may die!“

Ama presents you with amusing questions. Thousands of questions with two conditions, one positive and one negative, are connected to each other with an "Ama” (which means ‘but’ in English).

What about your answer? Yes? No?

There are thousands of questions categorized in Ama, start solving them right away and find common things with anyone who uses the application online just like you and who has given the same answer to the questions you solved! Meet your soul twin, a friend, or the person you can't name!

Do you like green? Are you interested in extreme sports? Does your boyfriend come first, or do you think you’ll never be without your family? How selfish are you? How generous? Ama reveals the characteristics that make you who you are by asking delightful questions! Ama wants to bring you the person you're looking for!

Answer the groups of 30 questions carefully in the game and let Ama find other people who give the same answers as you.

Catch a Super Match or a Perfect match in Ama. You will catch a Perfect Match when all of the questions are answered the same, and a Super Match when 25 to 29 of the answers are answered same./p>

Select one of the categories from among Fun, Love, or Actual and catch a match in the category you play.

You can see which questions you and your match gave the same answers to in the "Question History" page.

How close are the people who are matched to you? In the "Match" screen, under the "Near Me" tab, you can see how close real happiness is to you.

Don't you want to catch a match? Continue without becoming a member and enjoy the fun questions.

Would you like to suggest a question to Ama? Let people match through your questions! Ama will be generous enough to reward you with coins on this point!

There are no ads in Ama! Just play the game and answer the questions, you will not see any bothersome ads.